Solar Screens

Our solar screens are made from quality materials and are designed for high performance, resistance, and style.  Our solar screens can endure the tough, Houston sun. Thanks to the superior durability our solar screens can be used for longer periods without having to be replaced. Achieving this longevity means not having to spend money on replacement windows over time.

Solar Screens

Custom-Made Solar Screens

Solar screens are custom-made to ensure proper fit. We will make sure your solar screen meets the exact specifications of your home and protects it from UV damage.

Hot Sun

Blocks Sun Rays

Solar screens block the sun’s UV rays, keeping your house cooler, your furniture from fading, and cutting your energy bills, especially during the Houston summers.

Family in Kitchen

Reduces Heat

Experience comfort while you sleep and less heat in the house when it's sunny outside. With solar screens, you can save money on your AC by reducing your energy bill.